Toras Moshe prides itself on the excellence of learning that its talmidim have acquired during their years in Yeshiva.  The intense learning of two iyun sedorim in Yeshiva is something that remains with our talmidim and alumni for life.  When looking at Chumash, Gemara, Rishonim or Acharonim, the Toras Moshe talmid views the Torah through eyes that have been trained to discern the layers of depth represented in each and every word.  The greater part of our alumni, whether they are klei kodesh or in the business world, continue to learn Torah b’iyun, with an emphasis on gaining in-depth clarity. 

It is for this reason that Toras Moshe is putting together a special Kuntres Chiddushei Torah based on the chiddushim of our alumni.  We ask that alumni submit a written piece on any inyan of gemara, halacha or aggada for the Kuntres.  Your shtikel can be written in Hebrew or English and submitted via email to torahsubmissions@nermichoel.orgWhile we appreciate typewritten pieces if possible, all shtiklech – including those that are handwritten – are welcome.  Each piece will be reviewed by the Toras Moshe staff.  If slight edits are needed, we will contact you.  
In order to allow our rebbeim ample time to review each piece, and to accommodate our printing schedule, we ask that all pieces be submitted as early as possible.  Please note that the deadline has been extended until Monday, November 6th.
Take advantage of this special opportunity to show your wife, your children, your rebbeim – and yourself – what you can do by putting together your chiddushei Torah for the Kuntres, which will be distributed at this year’s upcoming Dinner on December 3rd, 2017 at the Ateres Avrohom Hall.
Looking forward to seeing your chiddushim.
Rabbi Moshe Meiselman

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